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      Virscend Education (Tibet Huatai Educational Management Co. Ltd) was listed on the main board of Hong Kong in January 2016 with the stock code 1565. It is one of the largest comprehensive private Education service providers in southwest China, including preschool education, kindergarten to 12th-grade (" k-12 ") education, higher education, international education, continuing education and vocational education. So far, we have established and operated 16 K12 schools and 2 universities.


      People-oriented teaching strategies and effective school management, respecting student life, stimulating learning potential, and caring for lifelong achievements.
      Virscend Education (hereinafter referred to as "Virscend Education") Listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong in January 2016, stock code 1565,It is one of the largest pre-school education, kindergarten to 12th grade ("K-12") education, university education, international education, continuing education, vocational education and other comprehensive private education service providers in Southwest China.
      Up to now,virscend education has established and operated a total of 16 K12 schools and one university.
      So far, we had established and operated sixteen K-12 schools: Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School (Western Campus), Chengdu Foreign Languages School Affiliated Primary School, Chengdu Foreign Languages Kindergarten, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School Wulongshan Campus, Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Gaoxin, etc. In addition, we operate two universities:Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University and Virscend University.
      Since we established the Chengdu Foreign Languages School in 2000, we have been walking at the forefront of private education and have accumulated rich experience in student education. We are committed to the overall development of students and enable more and more students to become world students.
      • Zhang Xiaoyue
        Harvard University
        Lan Tianxing
        Harvard University(Full scholarship)
        Feng Yuanya
        Columbia University
        Lu Yucong
        University of Pennsylvania
      • The Top Scorers(Some Of The Students)

        Wan Miaoran 2015 in Sichuan province

        Zeng Yingqing 2014 in Chengdu City

        Peng Sihan 2013 in Chengdu City

        Gao Ruixin 2012 in Sichuan province

        Zhou Xiaoqi 2012 in Sichuan province

        Li Peishi 2011 in Sichuan province

        Tian Huilin 2011 in Chengdu City

        Xiang Haotian 2010 in Sichuan province

        Ye Siyu 2009 in Sichuan province

        Zhang Cheng 2007 in Sichuan province

        Dai Yuanyuan 2006 in Chengdu City

        Mao Ruisi 2005 in Chengdu City

        Wang Ge 2004 in Sichuan province

        Jiang Weili 2004 in Sichuan province

        Li Mengyu 2003 in Sichuan province

        Yuan Shuzhi 2002 in Chengdu City

        Xu Yanzhi 2002 in Chengdu City

      • People oriented

        Our basic research philosophy is based on people-oriented teaching strategies and effective school management, respecting students' lives, stimulating learning potential and caring for lifelong achievements.

      • All-round development

        We value the cultivation and enhancement of students' all-round development so that they make good preparation for future challenges. We adopt the development of students' "knowledge, character, ability and morality" as its basic teaching principle.


      The group currently operates 18 schools in chengdu, panzhihua, zigong and dazhou, sichuan. Through these schools, we offer formal education and comprehensive education programs from kindergarten to university.